brunch series: Sqirl

While I was still in the process of deciding whether or not I could move to Los Angeles, I made sure to ask everyone I could about what it was really like to live here. I also did a ton of internet research. I wanted to know the type of lifestyle I was signing up for. I wanted to be extra sure that the culture of where I was moving aligned with my own lifestyle.

Everyone had their own accounts and perspectives, but there was one thing specifically that every single person I interrogated (and the internet) seemed to agree on: L.A is a brunch town. Obviously, I established the goal to eat at as many brunch spots as I could while I live here. What a perfect thing to waste my money on, right? And yesterday on my day off from work (which has been awesome, by the way), that’s just what I did.

First up in the line-up: Sqirl. A little spot in East Hollywood that you might miss if you don’t know what to look for. Like, I drove by it at first. But when you find it you won’t ever want to leave…or at least I didn’t. It’s a neutral-lover’s paradise. Black chalkboard menus, white marble table tops, white walls, and wooden stools. You stand in line (reaching out the door) and order your meal at a counter. Then you grab a table and have it all brought to you. The boyfriend and I were lucky enough to be in line behind a really friendly woman who obviously knew what she was doing and gave us the low-down of what to get. We got a Sorrel Pesto Rice Bowl, a Famous Damus, the Famed Ricotta Toast, a side of bacon, an almond milk latte, a Vietnamese iced coffee, and a jar of their famed jam. Obviously that all means nothing to those who have never been there, so you can reference what I’m talking about here. But y’all. It was Un. Be. Lievable.

 Well worth the substantial dent I put in my wallet. Oh well. No groceries this week.

The rest of my day off consisted of a lot of quality time with Mark! We went to an L.A bucket list item of mine: The Last Bookshop. It’s a crazy amazing bookstore in downtown L.A and honestly is probably the closest I’ll get to actually being in Harry Potter. I mean, just look at this.

And after that we decided to do a pretty easy hike called Inspiration Point near Santa Monica. It was totally empty since it was a Wednesday afternoon, so we really got to enjoy some peace and quiet. There’s few things better than looking out at a beautiful view next to the one you love, amirite!

 Hopefully I can get through the next 2 days of work and on to the long holiday weekend! I’ve been trying to think of how to celebrate, but haven’t been totally inspired yet. Any ideas are welcome! I hope you all have a good one!

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