sunday shoppin’ + a life update

Hi friends! Remember me?! It’s been a while, I know, but August was a crazy month, full of changes and adjustments and a pretty frantic rush to get things back to normal…or I guess a new version of normal. I’m finally finding the time to write here, so let me just get to it!

I woke up today to an empty apartment. The boyfriend ducked out early to help some family members move out of their home, and the roommate seemed to be extending his Saturday night shenanigans into a Sunday affair. So I jumped on the opportunity to get my lazy on and watch a couple episodes of the Office, drink a whole pot of coffee, and burn an extremely girly candle all judgement-free. Awesome. Then I cleaned the whole apartment, got dressed, and headed out for what turned into the most hilariously basic sequence of events to ever be completed at once by a white girl. Listen to this:

Picked up some coffee at a disgustingly trendy coffee shop called Alfred Coffee (how LA of me). Stopped by a Lulu store conveniently next door to the coffee shop. Impulse-purchased a pair of running shorts that I don’t need but definitely want. Stopped by Whole Foods. Picked up some overpriced groceries. Got some white Hydrangeas from the flower section. Passed a macaroon shop. Bought macaroons. Listened to Lana Del Rey on the drive home. Realized what I had become. Yakked everywhere.

alfred flowers macaronI mean, really. Someone stop me. I feel like I need to sign up for some white-girl-Instagram rehab. First step is admitting it, I guess.

Anyway, life has been crazy. Tomorrow marks two weeks since we arrived in LA. It feels like I’ve been here much, much longer. And then it also doesn’t really feel like I live here yet. But I’m so happy to announce that I finally got a job! I’ll be training as a Veterinary Technician at an animal hospital in Hollywood. Tomorrow is my first day, and I’m so so excited! We’re still looking for a suitable apartment, and I still have about a million things to cross off my to-do list before I can start to relax, but this is a huge weight off my shoulders. Things seem to be falling into place, and for that I am so grateful.

But still…pray for me as I continue to navigate living with two boys.

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