my mid-week mojito

Happy hump-day, friends! I wish I could say that my week has been better but I’ve been feeling pretty sick, which has rendered me pretty useless. Oh well, chugging Vitamin C and hoping everyone is having a more enjoyable one than me!

Summer is speeding by and I’m already getting nostalgic. Granted, I’ll be moving to an area that will feel like summer year-round, but it’s still sad to see another one go. So as a little pick-me-up, I concocted a mid-day mojito (my favorite summer drink) using fresh flavors that celebrate my favorite tastes of the season!


Meet my Mint-Cucumber-Coconut Mojito! Creative name, right? 😉 It sounds a little busy, but believe me, it was goooood. The mint and cucumber were crisp and refreshing, and the hint of coconut gave it a tropical vibe. Perfect for a hot summer day!


What you’ll need:

  1. fresh mint, some for flavor and extra for garnish
  2. half of a large cucumber (peeled and sliced)
  3. 1 oz. of lime juice
  4. sparkling water
  5. 1/2 oz. simple syrup (not pictured)
  6. 2 oz. coconut rum

Place the cucumber + 5-6 mint leaves in a cocktail shaker and muddle. Add simple syrup, lime juice, and rum. Fill shaker with ice and shake your heart out! Strain contents into a class with ice (nobody wants seeds in their cocktail), and add sparkling water. Top it all off with some garnish, add a festive straw, and enjoy!


So easy and so yummy! And very pretty. What other summer treats are you guys enjoying? Feel free to comment!

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