summer lovin’

Summer is one of the best seasons. It might even be the best, but I’m hesitant to say that because (like holidays) I always say “_____ is my FAVORITE”, and that kind of defeats the point of having a favorite or a designated best. Summer really has got the goods though: cookouts, vacation time, days spent lounging by the pool and beach, warm weather, really great seasonal flowers and fruit, and such a good color palette! About this time is when I start day dreaming about shopping for a whole new slew of beach gear and bright accessories.

Two things I’m really diggin’ this summer are anything with pineapples and flamingos. The color combination of pink and yellow is just so bright and summery!  Can’t you just imagine the pretty beach-side set ups?! Below is a list of some of my favorite flamingo- and pineapple- themed goodies. summer lovin'Pineapple of My Eye:

“Lilly for Target” wine stopper // sunnylife beach radio // pineapple tote // ice tray // “Lilly for Target” wine tag // “Lilly for Target” serving dish (sold out, similar here) // “Lilly for Target” sandals

Birds of a Feather:

kate spade flamingo scarf // earrings // kate spade wallet // flamingo candles // sunglasses case // ice tray // pool float

Honestly, I can imagine a billion otherwise boring outfits being spruced up with that scarf + earring duo. And how cute would the sunglasses case and pineapple tote look together? I’m also fantasizing about sitting on that pool float, listening to the radio, sipping an ice cold margarita. Or throwing a party and filling the dish with chips and guac, with ice cold drinks featuring the themed ice cubes! The possibilities are endless, and you can believe I’ll be stocking up appropriately ;).

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