let’s guac n’ roll!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends!


Sadly, I’m in the midst of my (last ever!) finals, so my plans to celebrate with a taco bar + cactus cupcakes + margaritas with my friends were kind of unrealistic. Oh well, next year! At least I got to drink my iced coffee out of a festive straw and eat candy out of a mini piñata!

So far on social media I’ve seen so many fun ways to celebrate! Lots of yummy margarita recipes, interesting taco recipes, and even cactus shaped green pancakes! I’ve also seen a bunch of extra colorful flowers on my Instagram feed, and an outrageous (but also perfect) amount of confetti. So much inspiration for next year when I will definitely have more time to appropriately celebrate. For now, I’ll be studying and working on what feels like endless group projects.

And for you guac fans out there, here’s my foolproof recipe:

– 2 whole avocados

– 1 tomato, diced

– 1/4th of a big red onion, diced

– a whole jalapeño with seeds removed, diced

– the juice of half a lime

– salt and pepper to taste

scoop the ripe avocados and squeeze the lemon juice into a food processor and press ‘chop’. Don’t hold the butten down, but press it 4 distinct times (1 second/press). This way, you’ll get a creamy mixture that’s not too thin. Then add all the other ingredients, mix it together so it’s all integrated evenly, and serve that shit up on some warm tortilla chips. Damn, right?

Fiesta like there’s no mañana, pals!

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