doller drafts + Target runs

My closest friends and family will all attest to how appropriate it is that I’m basically dedicating my first post on here to Target. But oh well, c’est la vie!

This week has basically been a giant shitstorm. I’ve gotten virtually no sleep the entire week and I’ve been attempting to do a million really important things (like, ya know, find a job and a place to live) all while balancing pretty busy classes and not missing out on the last few weeks of my undergraduate career! This week really must have ran my body and mind into the ground, because this morning I did the weirdest thing. I woke up, and as usual I kind of zombie-walked my way out of my room and into the bathroom. After turning on the shower, I decided I would go ahead and brew my morning coffee while I waited for the water to warm up. I made my way into the kitchen, washed out the coffee pot, filled it with new water, measured out 2 scoops of brew, and then looked at the clock… 2:02 am. What?! I’ve been so tired lately that I can no longer distinguish between 6 am exhaustion and 2 am exhaustion. Great. I know this happens to people regularly, but never me. At least I got to go back to bed for four more hours, right? 😉

During weeks like these there are a few tried and true methods that I depend on to raise my spirits. One is to go to Target. That place just gets me. I can always find things exactly to my taste there, and I find myself getting really energized and inspired when I’m surrounded by so many goods I appreciate. Seriously, there’s always something there that I want need want.

FullSizeRender copy

This time I went in search of some Cinco de Mayo gear, but naturally I walked out with my cart lookin’ like a hot mess. I got distracted by the graduation celebration stuff, the party supplies, and the healthy choice grocery section. Nothing like some Boom Chicka Pop popcorn, dried coconut flakes, and gluten free pasta to inspire you to make good choices, right? Besides, how can anyone resist that packaging?! I’m a marketing major’s dream target.

FullSizeRenderOne of my favorite ways to incorporate some color into my every day life is by straws. A bright, colorful straw just makes an otherwise boring iced coffee so much more fun! And I don’t know about you, but when things are prettier they taste better too. I’ve been having a major love affair with light purple so I restocked my supply with these beauties. They go so well with these itty bitty cupcakes, and the color scheme as a whole is really working for me. This is my first attempt at integrating a little more purple into my home, and needless to say I’ll definitely be adding more! Then again, cupcakes are always pretty.

FullSizeRender copy 2

Aaaaand another dependable pick-me-up: dollar drafts at my school’s local pizza joint with some of my best friends. Here’s to the weekend finally being around the corner!

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